How to prevent interuptions of ssh connections to Mistral?

If your ssh connections to mistral are interrupted after short periods without keyboard activities and you get an error message containing ‘broken pipe’ string, try to set the ServerAliveInterval parameter appropriately. This parameter can be set as a command-line option to ssh:

ssh -o ServerAliveInterval=60 -X

In the example above, ssh will send a message with a response request to the server if no packets have been received from the server in the past 60 seconds.

The more convenient way to always use the above setting is to add the following lines to the user’s configuration file for the ssh client, ~/.ssh/config on your local machine:

Host *
      ServerAliveInterval 60

If the file ~/.ssh/config does not exist, you can simply create it with an editor of your choice. For further information on configuration files and parameters for ssh client, please refer to the manual page:

man ssh_config