Using the HSM test system

file version: 27 October 2021


The new HSM system will go online soon. In order to get familiar with the new system and the command line tool slk, we provide a test system to all of our users. You can archive and retrieve test files on this system and test adapted workflows. The system will go offline some time after the migration is finished.

If you want to login to the test system after success migration of the tape archive, please do as follows:

  • use slk version 3.1.58 (module load slk/3.1.58)

  • set the environment variable SLK_HOSTNAME to (export SLK_HOSTNAME="")

The test system does not have the same folder structure as the productive HSM system. The base namespace is /hsm. All of your testing namespaces are located within it.

Please notify us via if issues occurr.

Technical setup

  • The StrongLink software is running in a virtual machine and not on the production system hardware

  • no connection to tape drives

  • storage for testing is very limited

  • archived data will be removed in a few weeks


We would like to ask you to follow these guidelines so that all users have a fair possiblity to work on the test system. Please

  • do not run more than one archival and one retrieval process per user at a time.

  • only archive files up to several MB per file; better only of several KB size.

  • create and use a namepsace for your user or project under /hsm/USERNAME or /hsm/PROJECT, respectively.

  • do not run benchmarks.

  • do not delete /hsm or the namespaces of other users.

First steps

Currently, slk is configured to connect to the test system. When the production system will go online then the configuration will be adapted. Thus, the way how you call slk today for testing will be the same way as on the production system.

First, please load the slk module via:

$ module load slk

This will load slk version 3.1.58. Please do not manually load modules of more recent or older slk versions. Only this version will properly work with the test system. This is due to the fact that some interfaces of the StrongLink system were modified in the recent slk version.

Second, please login via:

$ slk login
Username [k204221]:

Third, please create a namespace for you or your project

$ slk_helpers mkdir /hsm/$USER

Fourth, please follow Getting Started with slk for further guidiance.