DKRZ's Mistral User's Manual

The HLRE-3 Mistral User’s Manual provides all relevant information on configuration and efficient use of the HLRE-3 system installed at DKRZ. It covers the following topics:

  • Description of cluster nodes and file systems

  • Software environment

  • Usage of the workload manager SLURM

Mistral User's Manual (pdf, 1.5 MB, 46 pages)


The Mistral User’s Manual is based on system status 2016-08-01. For most recent information on how to use Mistral, please read the online documentation.

Bullx DE User Guide

The Bullx DE Guide describes the tools and libraries provided with bullx DE (Development Environment) that allow the development, testing and optimal use of application programs on Bull extreme computing clusters. In addition, various Open Source and proprietary tools are described. Bullx DE User's Guide (pdf, 2 MB, 126 pages)

Bullx MPI User Guide

The Bullx MPI Guide describes bullx MPI, which is the Message Passing Interface parallel library used to run the most benchmarks during the mistral procurement. Bullx MPI User's Guide (pdf, 489 KB, 40 pages)

Bullx HPC Getting Started

Slideset with best practices and hints on how to efficiently start compute jobs in the Bullx HPC environment. Getting Started on the Bullx HPC Environment (pdf, 1.8 MB, 32 pages)

Atos Manual for BullxMPI with MXM and FCA

The document describes how to use BullxMPI compiled with Mellanox communication acceleration tools MXM (Mellanox Messaging Accelerator) and FCA (Fabric Collective Accelerator). How to use bullxMPI compiled with MXM and FCA tools (pdf, 1.2 MB, 20 pages)

Atos Manual for BullxLIB

The document describes Atos bullxLIB (version 1.1.) library developed to provide alternatives to some libm routines (power, exp, cos, sin, log) and improve the code performance. An Atos library to improve compilers intrinsic functions (pdf, 522 KB, 8 pages)

Mellanox Messaging Library User Manual

MellanoX Messaging (MXM) library provides enhancements to parallel communication libraries by fully utilizing the underlying networking infrastructure provided by Mellanox hardware. These enhancements significantly increase the scalability and performance of message communications in the network, alleviating bottlenecks within the parallel communication libraries. MellanoX Messaging Library User Manual (pdf, 354 KB, 11 pages)

Mellanox FCA User Manual

The Mellanox Fabric Collective Accelerator (FCA) is a unique solution for offloading collective operations from the Message Passing Interface (MPI) process to the server CPUs. FCA accelerates MPI collective operation performance by up to 100 times providing a reduction in the overall job runtime. Mellanox FCA User Manual (pdf, 832 KB, 25 pages)