It is installed on all visualization nodes, and can be started from the command line via ‘vapor’. More information about Vapor, along a tutorial and example data can be found at the NCAR website.


Fig.1 VAPOR with high resolution ICON data (350 million cells).

VAPOR and ICON data

Since Vapor2.4 - as it is installed on Mistral - also ICON and MPAS netCDF data sets can be used to import into Vapor for interactive 3D visualization. The data is currently interpolated on-the-fly onto a regular grid, but native ICON grid support is planned for the next year (2016). Figure1 shows an interactive volume rendering of cloud liquid water using Vapor. The original ICON data has about 3.5 billion cells, displayed are 350 million cells.

ICON Ocean

Fig.2 VAPOR with (low resolution) ICON Ocean data.