Limitations on Levante until full availabilityΒΆ

The installation of Levante took longer than expected. To enable our users to make the most of the newly installed system, we are opening the system for all users although not all aspect of the system are finished yet. This page is meant to document what we expect to work and which aspects are still work-in-progress.

In the following, we give an unordered and incomplete list of usage aspects of Levante that are missing. Items in bold are currently in focus. Consequently, items in the following list are improbable to be available.

  • Documentation for compute usage of Levante

  • Runtime variations and occasional IB-related failures of large jobs

  • Additional software on Levante

  • /pool and /work data from Mistral; caution: /home will not be copied

  • Visualization on Levante

The following blog entries describe known issues on Levante:

  • Bus error in jobs on February 11, 2022

    Update: The problem was solved by an update of the Lustre-client by our storage vendor. The workaround described below should no longer be necessary. If you one of your jobs runs into a bus error, please let us know.

    When running jobs on Levante, these sometimes fail with a Bus error, similar to the example below:

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  • missing on April 22, 2022

    2022-10-17: This problem should be fixed with our current software stack. The workaround is not required any longer.

    When trying to start a gui application like gvim, you get an error message:

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  • Using Spyder on levante on April 26, 2022

    The Python IDE Spyder is hidden in the python3 module and needs additional libraries from spack to start.

    Load the missing libraries via spack and load python3 (which contains spyder):

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