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HSM News for Dec 2023


(frei nach “Knecht Ruprecht” von Theodor Storm)

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HSM News for Oct 2023

will be installed in module python3/2023.01-gcc-11.2.0 on Oct 17th

new function pyslk.construct_dst_from_src() which accepts source file(s) and a destination root path is input and constructs the destination path of each source file if it was archived by slk archive

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Changes in pyslk 1.9

updated: 2023-09-18 (removed note)

A major structural change was implemented in pyslk version 1.9.0 compared to older versions. The implementation of this change did start in version 1.7.0 but most parts where implemented in 1.9.0. All functions which are meant to be used by end-users, can be used without specifying the module’s name: pyslk.example_function instead of pyslk.module_name.example_function.

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