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I want to add my own packages to Python or R but they won’t compile

Python and R, among other scripting languages, allow users to create customized environments including their own set of packages.

For Python you use virtualenv or conda, R can also add locally installed packages.

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How to use environment modules in batch scripts

module is a shell function which modifies shell environment after loading or unloading a module file. If you are using different shells as login shell and for job batch scripts (e.g. tcsh as login shell and your job scripts start with #!/bin/bash), you need to add an appropriate source command in your script before any invocation of the module function (otherwise the module: command not found. error message will result and the shell environment won’t be modified as intended):

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Is a FTP client available on Levante?

LFTP is installed on Levante for download and upload of files from/to an external server via File Transfer Protocol (FTP):

The user name for authentication can be provided via option -u or --user.

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