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HSM module cleanup April 2024

On 30 April 2024 many modules of old slk and slk_helpers version will be removed from Levante.

modules which will be removed:

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HSM: check storage location of files

From time to time connection issues between StrongLink and one of the tape libraries occur. If the retrieval of a file fails repeatedly in such a situation, then it is useful to be able to check whether the file is stored on a tape in the affected library. For this purpose we provide the commands slk_helpers resource_tape and slk_helpers tape_library.


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HSM News for Dec 2023


(frei nach “Knecht Ruprecht” von Theodor Storm)

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HSM News for Oct 2023

will be installed in module python3/2023.01-gcc-11.2.0 on Oct 17th

new function pyslk.construct_dst_from_src() which accepts source file(s) and a destination root path is input and constructs the destination path of each source file if it was archived by slk archive

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Changes in pyslk 1.9

updated: 2023-09-18 (removed note)

A major structural change was implemented in pyslk version 1.9.0 compared to older versions. The implementation of this change did start in version 1.7.0 but most parts where implemented in 1.9.0. All functions which are meant to be used by end-users, can be used without specifying the module’s name: pyslk.example_function instead of pyslk.module_name.example_function.

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Important news for slk usage

Please do not retrieve files from more than 10 tapes with one call of slk retrieve / recall. Using more tapes in one call of slk retrieve might slow down the whole StrongLink System considerably.

First, count the number of tapes as follows:

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Changelog slk v3.3.91

Changes from slk v3.3.88 to v3.3.91

see here for changes from

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Changelog slk v3.3.88

Changes from slk v3.3.83 to v3.3.88

see here for changes from

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Changelog slk v3.3.83

Changes from slk v3.3.81 to v3.3.83

see here for changes from slk v3.3.76 to v3.3.81

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E-Mail notification when login token due to expire

As suggested by the DKRZ-Usergroup there is now the possibility to remind users when their token is due to expire. We provide a SLURM script for this purpose. The 30-day validity of the login token remains unchanged. Details are given in Reminder login token expires.

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Changelog slk v3.3.81

Changes from slk v3.3.76 to v3.3.81

slk retrieve and slk recall print the id of the StrongLink-internal tape-recall job

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Changelog slk v3.3.76

Changes from slk v3.3.67 to v3.3.76

Changlog updated on 2022-12-08

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Changelog slk v3.3.75

Changes from slk v3.3.67 to v3.3.75

Changlog updated on 2022-12-06

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Changelog slk v3.3.67

Changes from slk v3.3.21 to v3.3.67

Changlog updated on 2022-10-21 (changes in slk chmod extended)

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