DKRZ Climate Data Pool - Updates July 21 📢#


We proudly 🥳 announce that the CDP is extended by new sets of CMIP6 data primarily published at DKRZ. We also published new versions of corrected variables for the MPI-ESM1-2 Earth System Models.

MPI-ESM1-2-HR data for DCPP (Decadal Climate Prediction Project) ⭐#

The ensemble set of simulations from the ESM MPI-ESM1-2-HR for the dcppA-hindcast experiment is completed by another 5 realizations (8.5TB). In total, this set consists of about 10 realizations for 60 initialization years in the interval from 1960-2019 resulting in 595 realizations and 31 TB. For each realization, about 100 variables are available for a simulation time of about 10 years.

From ES-Doc: The Decadal Climate Prediction Project (DCPP) investigates our ability to skilfully predict climate variations from a year to a decade ahead by means of a series of retrospective forecasts. The dcppA-hindcast experiments is simulated with a coupled model and with initialization based on observations. The initialization period starts before 15 Nov of the year before the first forecast year which allow for for DJF seasonal forecast results. In detail, prescribed CMIP6 historical values of atmospheric composition and other conditions including volcanic aerosols is used for initialization. Future forcing is provided by the SSP245 scenario.

AWI-ESM-1-1-LR data for the 1pctCO2 experiment ⭐#

The available data for the AWI-ESM-1-1-LR model continously grows and is now extended by the 1pctCO2 experiment. 462 variables, each provided for 150 simulation years, have been recently published.

From ES-Doc: In the 1pctCO2 experiment, atmospheric CO2 concentration is gradually increased at a rate of 1 percent per year from the global annual mean 1850 value until quadrupling. It serves as a consistent and useful benchmark for analysing model transient climate response (TCR). The TCR takes into account the rate of ocean heat uptake which governs the pace of all time-evolving climate change. In Earth System Models (ESMs) that include explicit representation of the carbon cycle this experiment allows the calculation of the transient climate response to cumulative carbon emissions (TCRE) to be calculated.

Back Ups 📓#

We transferred the retracted and outdated CMIP6 data into the HPSS archive using the package packems which was developed in collaboration at DKRZ and MPI-M. When the new HSM system is online, we will provide a manual how to regain this data.

For a second, the CDP project has free available disk space. This snapshot will not last for long as we are expecting new data for ICON, AWI-ESM and MPI-ESM1-2-HR coming soon.

Corrections 🖊#

  • Variables sbl and es from the MPI-ESM1-2-HR land model had to be corrected for the daily frequency. A new version v20210120 is published.