DKRZ CMIP Data Pool - Updates Nov 21 📢#


We proudly 🥳 announce that the CDP is extended by new sets of CMIP6 data

including the new ICON-ESM-LR model primarily published at DKRZ.

ICON-ESM-LR data for DECK-experiments (CMIP) ⭐#

A first ensemble set of simulations from the ESM ICON-ESM-LR for the DECK experiments is available including the experiments

  • 1pctCO2

  • abrupt-4xCO2

  • historical (5x realisations)

  • piControl

In total, this set consists of 134 variables and 31 TB. You can find the data in /work/ik1017/CMIP6/data/CMIP6/CMIP/MPI-M/ICON-ESM-LR/

MPI-ESM1-2-HR data for the past2k experiment ⭐#

The available data for the MPI-ESM1-2-HR model continously grows and is now extended by the past2k experiment for PMIP, the Paleoclimate Modeling Intercomparison Project. 641 variables, each provided for 1850 simulation years, have been recently published. In total, this set consists of 58 TB. You can find the data in /work/ik1017/CMIP6/data/CMIP6/PMIP/MPI-M/MPI-ESM1-2-LR/past2k/r1i1p1f1/

From ES-Doc: The past2k experiment extends the past1000 simulation back in time to include the first millenium CE. Main forcings: trace gases, volcanoes, solar variability, land-use. The past1000 forcings data sets include the first millennium, except for land-use. For the latter, a linear ramp-up to 850CE values is recommended.

Back Ups 📓#

We start to transfer the CMIP5 data pool into the new HSM. With the new HPC Levante, we probably will not have a CMIP5 data pool on disk anymore. However, we will provide manuals how to quickly get the data from the archive.

Outlook 🔭#

We are expecting a full ensemble of 20 realizations of the MPI-ESM1-2-LR model for different experiments to be published soon.

Corrections 🖊#

Early publications of hurs from different MPI-ESM model versions (XR, LR) all are affected by an errata. Corrections will be continously published.