Building the ICON-Model on levante#

The problem#

The current ICON release 2.6.4 has no setup for building and running on the new HPC system levante

The solution#

There are multiple options to get an ICON binary and run it:

1. fresh start#

If possible download the updated 2.6.4 release version from It holds small model fixes and two build-wrappers:


You can call these wrapper from which the extracted tar ball or in a separate directory (out-of-source-build). In addition this ICON packages contains changes to the runscript generation so that users can create runscript for levante in a semi-automatic way.

2. patch your version#

In case you want keep working with your model version because you alread changed it, you can still import the needed changes for levante. Call the following from the top level of your icon model code:

patch -p1 </pool/data/ICON/releases/2.6.4/0001-add-wrappers-scripting-and-fixes-for-2.6.4.patch
patch -p1 </pool/data/ICON/releases/2.6.4/0002-fortran-standard-boz-conformance.patch

Like the tar-file these patches creates the above wrappers, which can be used to build ICON with gcc or intel and add some needed fixes.