Changelog: slk_helpers v1.7.1#


Please use slk_helpers version 1.7.2 (module load slk_helpers/1.7.2) instead of 1.7.1 because one minor issue was fixed in 1.7.2 (detailed changelog). There will be no extra blog entry for slk_helpers 1.7.2.

Update from slk_helpers v1.6.0 to v1.7.1

see here for changes from slk_helpers v1.5.8 to v1.6.0

see here for changes from slk_helpers v1.5.7 to v1.5.7

see here for changes from slk_helpers v1.2.x to v1.5.7

Please have a look here for a detailed description of the new features and here for an incremental changelog.

All Fixes and new features#

  • new commands: job_exists, job_status, job_queue

  • group_files_by_tape / gfbt (and tape_status):
    • modified structure of the output

    • new tape status ERRORSTATE when the tape is in a bad state which needs intervention from the support

  • hsm2json:
    • accepts a file list (same as slk_helpers gen_file_query)

    • a search id can be provided via --search-id instead of a file(list) => same as group_files_by_tape

  • hsm2json, gen_file_query, group_files_by_tape, gfbt: throws an error if a namespace is provided and -R is not set

  • increased timeout for the time to establish a connection

  • minor restructuring of the code