How to Set the default SLURM project account#

On Mistral, specification of the project account (via option -A or –account) is necessary to submit a job or make a job allocation, otherwise your request will be rejected. To set the default project account you can use the following SLURM input environment variables

  • SLURM_ACCOUNT   - interpreted by srun command

  • SALLOC_ACCOUNT - interpreted by salloc command

  • SBATCH_ACCOUNT - interpreted by sbatch command

Once the variables are defined, the option -A or –account can be dropped (in this case the compute time consumption is charged to the default account) or used to override environment variables settings.

If you use bash as your login shell, you can place the following settings in your ~/.bashrc file and source this file in the ~/.bash_profile or in the ~/.profile file:

export SLURM_ACCOUNT=xz0123

If you use tcsh as your login shell, you can put the following settings in your ~/.cshrc file:

setenv SLURM_ACCOUNT xz0123

NOTE: The environment variable SBATCH_ACCOUNT takes precedence over account settings made in a batch script via

#SBATCH --account=yz0456