How to use SSHFS to mount remote lustre filesystem over SSH#

In order to interact with directories and files located on the lustre filesystem, users can mount the remote filesystem via SSHFS (SSH Filesystem) over a normal ssh connection.

SSHFS is Linux based software that needs to be installed on your local computer. On Ubuntu and Debian based systems it can be installed through apt-get. On Mac OSX you can install SHFS - you will need to download FUSE and SSHFS from the osxfuse site. On Windows you will need to grab the latest win-sshfs package from the google code repository or use an alternative approach like WinSCP.

Mounting the Remote File System: The following instructions will work on Ubuntu/Debian

Simply run the SSHFS command to mount the remote lustre directory. In this example, the remote directory is /pf/m/m123456 on for the user m123456. The local mount point is assumed to be ~/mistral_home

$ mkdir ~/mistral_home
$ sshfs -o idmap=user ~/mistral_home

To unmount a remote directory use

$ fusermount -u ~/mistral_home