Jupyterhub log file#


Each Jupyter notebook is running as a SLUM job on Levante. By default, stdout and stderr of the SLURM batch job that is spawned by Jupyterhub is written to your HOME directory on the HPC system. In order to make it simple to locate the log file:

  • if you use the preset options form: the log file is named jupyterhub_slurmspawner_preset_<id>.log.

  • if you use the advanced options form: the log file is named jupyterhub_slurmspawner_advanced_<id>.log.

Can I change the name?#

Yes, if you are using advanced options form. There is a field: Log File Name, where you can rename the output log file. Log File Name also allows you to change the Path of the output log file to a diffrent directory where you have write permissions.


You can save your log file in SCRATCH, you put this /path/to/your/scratch/name_of_your_logfile in Log File Name.

Can I delete logs?#

Yes, logs are useful for debugging issues. It is even recommended to delete them (except the latest) to save some space