How to re-enable the deprecated python kernels?

As you propably know, we will rename/remove some unused/outdated/ python modules, please see the details here. Since the jupyterhub kernels are based on modules, the deprecated kernels will no longer be available as default kernels in jupyter notebooks/labs.

NO PANIC, if you have been working with those deprecated kernels and want to continue using them in your notebooks, please follow the steps below.

In order to re-enable the deprecated kernels, you need to create a symlink to /sw/spack-rhel6/jupyterhub/deprecated_python_modules/ in .local/share/jupyter/kernels.


If you want to enable anaconda3/.bleeding_edge again:

1. cd ~/.local/share/jupyter/kernels
2. ln -s /sw/spack-rhel6/jupyterhub/deprecated_python_modules/kernels/anaconda3_bleeding/


Do not forget to restart your session after you create the symlink!