How to re-enable the deprecated python kernels?#

Within the maintenance of Monday, May 15th, we will perform updates in our python installations (please see the details here).

Since the jupyterhub kernels are based on modules, the deprecated kernels will no longer be available as default kernels in jupyter notebooks/labs.

NO PANIC, if you have been working with those deprecated kernels and want to continue using them in your notebooks, please follow the steps below.

In order to re-enable the deprecated kernels, you need to create a symlink to /sw/spack-levante/jupyterhub/deprecated_python_modules/jupyter_kernels/kernels in .local/share/jupyter/kernels.


Create the directory jupyter/kernels if it does not exist.

mkdir -p ~/.local/share/jupyter/kernels


If you want to enable python3/2022.01-gcc-11.2.0 again:

1. cd ~/.local/share/jupyter/kernels
2. ln -s /sw/spack-levante/jupyterhub/deprecated_python_modules/jupyter_kernels/kernels/python3_2022_01/