Requested MovieWriter (ffmpeg) not available

Do you want to create videos / animations with ffmpeg from your jupyter notebook? you need ffmpeg-python (conda) which requires ffmpeg software on Mistral (module)


  • conda env with ffmpeg-python and ipykernel

  • conda env available in jupyter notebook (see doc)

  • PATH of ffmpeg software

What do you need to change/add

if you installed ffmpeg-python in your conda env:

conda install -c conda-forge ffmpeg

you only need to modify the kernel.json to add the PATH of the ffmpeg like this:

 "argv": [
 "display_name": "my kernel",
 "language": "python",
 "env": {


This only concerns missing ffmpeg, some additional packages might be required depending on your code!

Similar issue that required PATH modification can be found here


  • undefined symbol: omp_get_num_procs can be solved by:

    conda install –channel conda-forge llvm-openmp

  • ImportError: failed to import graphviz; ... solved by:

    conda install –channel conda-forge python-graphviz