Posted in 2023

E-Mail notification when login token due to expire

As suggested by the DKRZ-Usergroup there is now the possibility to remind users when their token is due to expire. We provide a SLURM script for this purpose. The 30-day validity of the login token remains unchanged. Details are given in Reminder login token expires.

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How can I log into levante, change my password and login shell?

To access Levante login nodes via ssh with X11 forwarding, use:

For macOS we recommend to use -Y instead of -X option.

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I want to add my own packages to Python or R but they won’t compile

Python and R, among other scripting languages, allow users to create customized environments including their own set of packages.

For Python you use virtualenv or conda, R can also add locally installed packages.

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Which Compiler and MPI library should I use?

For model simulations in production mode we recommend to use Intel compilers and Open MPI:

Do not forget to consult the recommended environment settings and adjust your run script accordingly. Without these settings applications can run unexpectedly slowly.

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How do I log into the same login node I used before maps to a whole group of nodes to distribute the load:

All login nodes share the same file system so most of the time you do not have to care which node you are on. However, there are reasons why you may want to connect to a specific node. You first have to find out on which node you are. This may be indicated in your prompt or you can also use hostname for this purpose:

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Changelog slk_helpers v1.7.1

Update from slk_helpers v1.6.0 to v1.7.1

see here for changes from slk_helpers v1.5.8 to v1.6.0

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Changelog slk v3.3.81

Changes from slk v3.3.76 to v3.3.81

slk retrieve and slk recall print the id of the StrongLink-internal tape-recall job

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