Processing & Analysing#

DKRZ offers a multitude of services facilitating the processing and analysis of the large-volume datasets common in simulation-based climate science. For example, the in-house application Freva allows for the orchestration of entire workflows, the DKRZ Jupyterhub instance provides easy access to DKRZ-stored data and available HPC resources and the maintained data catalogs take the pain out of Earth System model data access.

Freva: Data analysis#

Freva is a hybrid framework accessible both by command line interface and website, it allows to run analysis tools and consult history of former evaluations.


DKRZ hosts its own Jupyterhub instance at Please find more information here:


DKRZ data management staff maintains e.g. intake-esm data catalogs to ease the search and access to data holdings. Further documentation will follow.