Resource allocation

DKRZ resources are allocated to projects. New projects can be requested by existing DKRZ users or after creating a new DKRZ user account.

Purpose of DKRZ resources

DKRZ is open to all interested research groups working in the field of climate and earth system modelling. International research groups might be accepted if they contain a significant German contribution or provide services in compensation to German groups. This usually requires that the principal investigator (PI) is affiliated with a German research institution. DKRZ resources can only be used for non-commercial purposes.

Submission of proposals for new and ongoing projects

To apply for resources from the public share (community project), a leading scientist has to submit a project proposal.

Proposals can be submitted each year from September 1. to October 31. (project start January 1. following year) and from March 1. to April 30. (project start July 1. that year). Resources are granted for 12 months. Additional resources for the ongoing allocation period can be requested at either date. Existing projects have to submit a report on their work when they apply for a new allocation period.

DKRZ proposal check

If you submit your proposal until two weeks before the actual deadline, DKRZ offers to check your proposal so you can find a solution to any problems we may see from our point of view.

Review process

Poposals for new and ongoing projects are reviewed by our Scientific Steering Committee. Projects are informed of the outcome of the review one to two weeks before the new allocation period starts.