Introduction to DKRZ’s HLRE-3 system Mistral#

Mistral introduction courseOn the 1st of July 2015 the first Mistral introduction course has been organized at DKRZ.The introductory talk by Hendryk Bockelmann provided basic information for getting started at DKRZ’s High Performance Computing (HPC) system Mistral. The topics included an overview of the configuration of the HLRE-3 system Mistral (phase 1) and advances in comparison to the HLRE-2 system Blizzard, short description of the Lustre file system as well as usage of the workload manager SLURM. Invited speakers form the Atos Application & Performance team Pascale Girard and Cyril Mazauric presented BullxMPI environment and usage of Mellanox communication acceleration tools MXM and FCA. Invited speaker Michael Klemm from Software and Sevice Group Intel talked about Intel technologies for HPC and Intel Xeon processor series as well as about programming for Intel architecture and using of Intel MPI.


The video recording of the training course are made available as a lecture2go

Introduction to Mistral and SLURM (talk by Hendryk Bockelmann)

Mistral Bull Environment (talk by Cyril Mazauric)

Programming and Tuning for Intel Xeon Processors (talk by Michael Klemm, not approved by Intel yet)