Publication at WDCC#

The DKRZ offers a DataCite DOI data publication for long-term archived data at WDCC. A DOI stands for FAIR high quality data and metadata.

All data from the WDCC service that have passed a final quality assurance procedure are suitable for a DataCite data publication, i.e. citation metadata are published and a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) is assigned.

The persistent identifier (DOI) ensures a permanent and persistent access of the data and metadata. Scientists can give and get credit for the preparation of data products by formal data citations: With a DOI data can be easily and clearly cited in scientific publications along with literature citations and can be entered in the data creator’s list of scientific publications. In order to achieve greater traceability, the metadata of DOI-data is made available in other scientific portals.

How to get a DataCite DOI#

Data first has to be archived at WDCC to be applicable for this service. To archive your data at WDCC, please follow the steps outlined here. In your first email to <> please state that you would like to publish with a DataCite DOI in the end. Publication with DOI will then be the final step in your archiving process.

How to cite data (example)#

Data with a DataCite DOI can be cited as in the following example:

Denhard, Michael (2009): dphase_mpeps: MicroPEPS LAF‐Ensemble run by DWD for the MAP D‐PHASE project. World Data Center for Climate. doi:10.1594/WDCC/dphase_mpeps.