Program Analysis and Tools Workshop#

DKRZ offered a workshop on program analysis and tools for HPC from October 25th to 27th. Within, JSC and TUD presented their toolsuite, Intel talked about the latest topics related to their Haswell and Broadwell architecture and - as a new topic and guest at DKRZ - BSC gave insight to their tools.

On all days the morning session was filled with brief overview on the tools and a guided tour on the workflow. In the afternoon, the users were asked to analyse their codes in hands-on sessions and had the chance to directly post problems and/or questions to the specialists on site.


Day 1, Tuesday 25th#

Day 2, Wednesday 26th#

  • Intel requested that slides are available for workshop participants only - please contact DKRZ for internal usage after the workshop

Day 3, Thursday 27th#