Display clouds as a semi-transparent overlay#


This document is based on a series teaching how to Create an image of sea surface speeds. If you continue from this, or other work, don’t forget to Save a state file. If not, you might want to Add an image as texture (plane) in the background to get a nice background.

Here, you can Download a state file with all features with the ocean currents. You will need to Activate the CDI reader plugin before loading it and chose the directory with your downloaded input files on loading the state file to make it work.

First, load clivi_cllvi_newtime.nc (see Load 2D ICON data with the CDI reader for details).

Then add a calculator with the equation

(3/2 * (cllvi + clivi * 5) * 100)/ (3/2 * (cllvi + clivi * 5) * 100 + 7)

This is a rough conversion from vertically integrated cloud water and ice to optical density / albedo.

and call the result alpha (see Apply a calculator to convert u and v into speed).

Adjust the color map for a transparent display of clouds

Disable the display of the color bar for the clouds (top left of The Paraview main screen).

Your result should look like


Finally Save a state file, and Export an animation.

Here is a state file with all features for reference.