Getting started at DKRZ#

DKRZ offers various services and systems to its users - the DKRZ user portal should answer all questions in using them. As a short introduction, this ‘getting started guide’ is seen as a must read to make your work as productive as possible.

  • Getting a user account If you do not have any account to access DKRZ systems yet, please visit this page.

  • Resource allocation DKRZ resources are allocated to projects. If you want to start your own project and request resources from DKRZ, the process is described here.

  • User settings You can modify all your personal account settings at the system.

  • Starting with the HPC system How to use the HPC system in a nutshell.

  • User Support If you need help beyond our web documentation: DKRZ’s user consultancy can be reached by email at and by phone 040-460094-275. We further provide dedicated consultancy for all topics regarding data management under

  • Getting involved Critique, comments, feature requests? All users are welcome to join the DKRZ user group.