Archiving & Preserving#


DKRZ offers several ways of archiving and preserving research data for the long-term. On a day to day basis, DKRZ’s hierarchical storage management system ( HSM ) offers storage on tape for the duration of a DKRZ project. Long-term storage (10 years after a project ends) is provided by the DOKU service. Also long-term storage, but with a focus on FAIR preservation of data, including quality control and DOI assignment (if asked for), is offered by the WDCC.


doku instance

DOKU offers long-term archiving for data of DKRZ HPC (high performance computing) projects only. A basic set of metadata, supplied by the data producer, describes the data and makes it easily findable in the long-term archive.


wdcc instance

The WDCC (World Data Center for Climate) offers long-term archiving for datasets relevant for climate and Earth System research in a highly standardized manner following the FAIR principles. This service is open for everybody and available for all kinds of climate model data and related products. Conditions for this need are to be negotiated. The full set of metadata facilitates interdisciplinary reuse.