Redmine is a flexible project management web application. General information on redmine can be found here:

DKRZ offers access to a self-hosted redmine installation for all DKRZ users with a valid DKRZ account. The details on how to get a DKRZ account can be found here. To grant access for collaboration purposes also to external partners who are not yet part of any DKRZ project, you can use a personal project.

You can access the Redmine webinterface at With your first login your redmine account is created and you can be added as a member to existing projects.

Please contact if you encounter any problems with the login.

Permissions in redmine#

To gain any permissions in redmine to add and modify and view private content you need to be added as a Member to an existing project. Ask the Project Manager of an existing project to add your account as ‘Developer’, ‘Reporter’ or ‘Collaborator’.

By default new users are not allowed to create own projects. Please contact if you need a new project. You will then be assigned the ‘ProjectManager’ role that allows to modify the project settings, manage the members of the project and create new subprojects.

Lifetime of projects#

We will keep all personal redmine projects (i.e. projects which just have one member) for one more year after the DKRZ account is deleted. Nevertheless, login will not be possible, just public projects will be available.

If projects (and the associated wiki, etc.) should be persistent, please ensure that at least two ‘ProjectManager’ are defined at any time.