Training on DKRZ’s HPC systems (mistral, HPSS and cloud)#

After the official HLRE-3 opening ceremony, DKRZ offered on the 6th and 7th of October 2015 the second Mistral introduction course.This time the complete workflow of climate scientists was covered: starting with the application for CPU time on Mistral, showing how to run and postprocess/visualize experiments on the HLRE-3 system, up to data management within the DKRZ cloud.

On the second day, representatives from allinea and Intel showed their tools for profiling, analysis and debugging. The users were asked to analyse their codes in hands-on sessions and had the chance to directly post problems and/or questions to the specialists on site.


Day 1, Tuesday 6th#

Day 2, Wednesday 7th#

allinea tools

Intel tools (we are not allowed to publish the slides on our website, please contact us to get a pdf version via email) use these links