Pre-Processing for a multi-variable image / animation#

  • For general advice on the NetCDF CF reader see The NetCDF CF reader

  • For a compbined visualization of different models / data sets, all files need the same time axis. Different models will usually use different specifications, sending you straight to hell. One solution that works: resample all files to the same number of time steps, then use:

    ncks -Av time MASTER_FILE FILE1
    ncks -Av time MASTER_FILE FILE2

    to get all on the same time axis. If that causes trouble (e.g. because of float/double conversions), look into cdo -settaxis.


    The time axis must not contain negative values (don’t ask how long it took to figure this out)

  • For extruding with topography it’s best to have the topography in the same file as the data of interest. See Extrude a land surface based on topography for hints.

  • MPI-OM 2d data needs:

    cdo -setzaxis,surface IN OUT

    to get rid of the layer-dimension that does not have any content.