Finding & Accessing Data#

Apart from using data obtained from model simulations on DKRZ’s HPC system, DKRZ also provides low-barrier access to curated data collections directly on disk or via the long-term archiving services. The available data sets are e.g. collections from CMIP3/5/6, reanalysis datasets or data collections produced and shared by the users themselves. DKRZ Data Management also provides dedicated support for easy data access, e.g. through intake catalogs or the Freva tool.

DKRZ Data Pool#

The DKRZ Data Pool provides users with low-barrier access to datasets required in the everyday scientific workflow. The data are stored directly on the disk storage of DKRZ’s HPC system and are therefore efficient to access.

The content of the DKRZ Data Pool is manifold, the following data flavors exist:


Users share datasets relevant to a wide user base at DKRZ, e.g. initial and boundary conditions for model simulations.

CMIP Data Pool#

A DKRZ-maintained collection of model intercomparison project datasets, including data from CMIP3, CMIP5 and CMIP6.

ECMWF Reanalysis data (including ERA5)#

A DKRZ-maintained collection of ECMWF reanalysis datasets, including ERA-Interim and ERA5.

Freva: Internal & ESGF data access#

Freva is a hybrid framework accessible both by command line interface and website, it allows to consult internal (project-specific) datasets, consult external available datasets hosted at different ESGF nodes, and add own dataset to an internal data catalog.


DKRZ data management staff maintains e.g. intake-esm data catalogs to ease the search and access to data holdings. Further documentation will follow.


The DKRZ-hosted World Data Center for Climate (WDCC) provides long-term access to archived climate datasets and also ensures that these dataset remain usable in the long-run.

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The DKRZ hosts the IPCC Data Distribution Center and thereby provides essential support to the international community of scientists contributing to the IPCC’s Assessment Reports.

Please find more information on the DKRZ’s contribution to the IPCC DDC at

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