The standard module for visualization in Python is Matplotlib. Matplotlib is a python 2D plotting library which produces publication quality figures in a variety of hardcopy formats and interactive environments across platforms. matplotlib can be used in python scripts, the python and ipython shell (ala MATLAB®* or Mathematica®), web application servers, and six graphical user interface toolkits.

matplotlib is free available:

For Python 3 Cartopy (, a cartographic python library with Matplotlib support for visualization, is used instead of Basemap.

How to use the example scripts at DKRZ

On Levante you have to load the python 3 module first:

module load python3/2022.01-gcc-11.2.0

The module python includes the matplotlib package already.

Copy the example script you want to use to your work space. Not all example data sets are available but most files are stored in


Modify and execute the script:

python <script name>

For example



DKRZ has created a GitHub Python repository named PyEarthScience that contains Visualization, Analysis and IO example scripts. The sence of the repository is to establish a kind of a platform for Earth scientists for searching and representing Python scripts, tutorials, and packages using PyNGL/PYNIO, matplotlib, cartopy, xarray, etc.



map resources, functions, sub-regions


1D data line plots, timeseries, scatter plots, statistics


2D data line, color fill (shaded), fill pattern, overlays


2D vector data, e.g. wind components uv


contour line on filled contour plot, vector on contours, different grid resolutions


rectilinear, curvilinear, unstructured grids

Special plots

miscellaneous plots


Matplotlib maps 1 example w200

Matplotlib maps 2 example w200



Matplotlib xy-plot example w200


Matplotlib xy-plot example 2 w200

multi-timeseries plot

Matplotlib different anomalies w200

different anomalies plot


Matplotlib contour lines example w200

Contour line plot

Matplotlib contour filled example w200

Contour fill plot


Matplotlib vectors w200

Vector plot

Matplotlib vectors on contour fill w200

Vectors on contour fill plot


Matplotlib overlays w200 Overlay regional on global grid


Matplotlib curvilinear rotated grid w200

Curvilinear grid with rotated pole e.g. CORDEX EUR-11

Matplotlib ICON contour plot w200

ICON contour plot

Matplotlib ICON triangles py2 w200

ICON triangles (Python 2)

Matplotlib ICON triangles py3 w200

ICON triangles (Python 3)

Matplotlib ICON triangles with vectors py3 w200

ICON triangles with vectors (Python 3)

Matplotlib ICON R02B09 datashader w200

ICON R02B09 make it fast

Special plots

Matplotlib wind speed direction polar projection w200

Wind speed and direction with polar projection

Matplotlib wind speed direction polar projection count w200

Wind speed and direction with polar projection colored by frequency

Matplotlib high res bck image w200

High resolution background image

Matplotlib quality points 1 w200 Matplotlib quality points 2 w200

Box plot and points plot sized by quality factor

Matplotlib arctic death spiral w200

Sea Ice Spiral plot based on ‘Arctic Death Spiral’ from Andy Lee Robinson