Interactive Visualization at DKRZ#

Using NCL and Markers to plot data on a grid

Overlaying a regional on a global grid

Multi-Variable 3D plot with ParaView

Postprocessing and 2D visualizations can be done using the interactive queue. For interactive 2D plotting in Python, R, and Julia, we provide a Jupyterhub server. We provide a wide range of Visualization Software on levante.

Visualization Software#

Our visualization software is made available using modules and spack. The commands module avail and spack find provide you with list of all software modules that are available.

2D Data Analysis and Visualization#

For other software that is installed on mistral such as further 2D visualization solutions please refer to our software list. Additionally to that, several 3D visualization solutions which require GPUs to run are available:

3D Visualization and Data Analysis#

List of blog posts#