Quick Start#


JupyterHub is available at https://jupyterhub.dkrz.de for all DKRZ users who have access to Mistral and who are allowed to submit batch jobs.

Create an account#

To use our JupyterHub, you require a DKRZ account. Please follow the instructions described here to register. Once your account is created and activated, you will be able to log in to JupyterHub with the same credentials.


JupyterHub is hosted at https://jupyterhub.dkrz.de.


Check your account’s information#

We developed a Web service which is running in background to retrieve information about your user’s account. It can be useful for the spawning options. The Web service is accessible in /services/accounts/. All information are available in a table:

  • Projects

  • QoS

  • Feature/Constraints


You need to be already logged in to invoke the service. The content can be extended on demand.