Publishing & Dissemination#

Sharing research data in a way that it becomes easily accessible and also reusable by third parties (following the FAIR data principles) requires dedicated services to prepare, technically host the data and make it easily referenceable. DKRZ provides services to prepare the data for publication (quality checks, assistance with data formatting) and provides infrastructure and assistance with making the data available to outside users via the ESGF or the WDCC. Data publication with WDCC also comes with DOIs assigned to the published datasets. Using the DKRZ Cloud, users can also share their data with external colleagues. This however does not include any quality assurance or reusability checks performed by DM staff.


The term Publication is ambigous. ESGF publication serves dissemination and does not imply long-term archival because ESGF is a service enabling data dissemination and access. WDCC publication on the other hand includes an attribution of a DataCite doi and ensure long-term preservation and curation of the data. Both publication approaches can be combined, that is, dataset can be disseminated first via ESGF and later be archived in WDCC.

For this publication phase, DKRZ offers multiple services from which you as a data submitter can benefit:

  • Development and application support for post-processing tools including preparation and quality assuring

  • Support for data transfer from private disk storage to DKRZ’s public cloud storage swift for quick data sharing

  • Publication at DKRZ’s ESGF node in order to disseminate the data i.e. make it visible and accessible

  • DataCite data publication for WDCC long-term archived data